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"...A mix of legends, myths, sorcery and sci-fi all coming together in an action

based well written book. I couldn't put it down." -- MLB2012 (Amazon reader)


 "...I don't typically read sci-fi/fantasy  ...This author combines great, likable

characters with an enticing and mysterious storyline, to create a fascinating, intelligent,

well-written read.  ...Book 2 can't come soon enough" -- Anonymous Amazon Reader


"This kept me entertained the whole read! Not hoaky or too complicated,

just good characters, story, and lots of action and suspense.I'm not normally a

Sci-Fi reader, but this is worth the read! Can't wait for Book 2!!" -- Jaquline Hephinger

The Books are being made into a TV Series!.
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Book #2 in the Series


   John Lantree completes his trio, officially adding Jake to his roster of paranormal eliminators. He and his team are allowed very little time to revel, however, when a string of bizarre and devastating accidents claim lives by the hundreds across the city's public transit and public parks.  As the trio investigate, they are plagued by an even stranger mystery surrounding the appearance of Badgermen on site in and around the time of these catastrophic 'accidents'.

   Jake clues his team into the fact these Badgermen monsters are not what they are reported to be.  Like Jake himself, they're from another world, and they never travel alone.

  Armed with this new information, the T.O.L. Trio refine their investigation and discover more bizarre monsters from their catalogue, all on the hunt for something deep in the forest.  In fact, these creatures have been organizing a world-wide hunt, from Turkey to Japan, and now in California, for whatever that prize may be - anywhere where the 37th parallel intersects with a forest of sizable growth.  And it seems they have found that prize in Lantree’s backyard, as it were.

   When the hunt leads to an old clearing deep in a National Park, they discover and follow a monstrous-agent down deeper and deeper underground through a network of caves, until they find something so remarkable, it could change the history of Earth, of not the galaxy.  Now they must stop the mosnter they've been chasing, and secure the mysterious prize.  A task easier said than done when the agent they have been chasing has allies close on their tail.  It will be a fight to finish and legend in its own right if Lantree and his team survive to tell the tale.

Book #1 in the Series



   When mankind stopped its nomadic ways and set down permanent roots, they had made themselves an easy meal for the things that stalked the night. Able to assume the human form, these things were able to easily lure humans to their death. As towns became cities, and capitals became nations, a small specialized force came to be as the only power able to stop the abominations from consuming the settlers. These defenders were known as Tribus Omnis Lux, loosely translated, “three of the light”, or T.O.L. for short. Their symbol, Poseidon’s Trident, represents a team of three individuals brought together for a single cause - always three acting as one.

    Now, lost to the obscurities of history, this forgotten organization still globally operates in secret, watching over us, protecting mankind, and eliminating the creatures of the night. Leading the team in the Silicon Valley is police detective John Lantree, along with his partner, bounty hunter Emily Greyly. For the last three years, they have kept the evil things in check as a duo. Now, what Lantree hunts for most is a third partner to round out his team. Meanwhile, he comes to realize there may be a larger plan at play; one that is actually laying the ground work in altering Earth’s path toward a prosperous future, to that of a supernaturally overrun apocalypse. And, he discovers the mustering of these various evils is being run by a single individual known only as The Architect.

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